Do it….Just do it

Today I write with excitement and happiness. I am now 10 weeks post op and I’ve got to say I feel great. Prior to my operation, I was very nervous. The not knowing what to expect and the impact it was going to have on my life. This to me was major surgery and although not life and death, the pain and movement restriction affected my life hugely. I kept telling myself that I was too young to have surgery and really couldn’t believe I was in this position at my age. Having no history of this condition in my family, I instantly turned on myself.. ‘It must have been my diet when I was younger’ (In my twenties I ate crap and partied hard). I never knew anyone my age that was dealing with this and I kept saying to myself ‘Its not that bad, there are others that are worse than me’. The deciding factor for me was when returning from a road trip on my Motorbike the pain of riding and after our return I spent a week in bed due to the pain, I realised then I could not continue like this.

I will be honest, I haven’t found it easy and it really has made me look at how I live my life and re evaluate it. Knowing that I have this ceramic implant inside me has for some reason made me want to look after my body more and make it fit and strong. The word ‘Strong’ plays over in my head all the time. The effects of my Dads death last summer and feeling unable to participate in regular activities like walking has really motivated me. Becoming stronger and making the most of this new hip.

So Ive completely overhauled my diet, from the food and their combinations to cutting out alcohol…Yes alcohol. Exercise, exercise and more exercise. Changing habits I’ve had for a long time has not been easy but I’m more dedicated and motivated than I have ever been.

So getting back to exercising, I have always worked out, as a woman of small stature, my weight being flexible, it has always been needed. In the past I have never been truly happy with my weight and in a constant cycle of loosing some then relaxing and putting a bit on. Alcohol being my downfall. I feel now my mind set has changed and I want to push myself and see what I can achieve. That this Hip op is my stepping stone to a lifestyle I have always yearned for but not had the will power to do it properly.

Back to today, my workout consisted of freestyle dance, stepper and walking and some use of resistance bands. I never thought that at 10 weeks post op I would be feeling so good. I have a little pain at times in my unaffected leg but that is to be expected as I have no cartilage in the socket joint but on the whole the pain has gone. I can do these exercises for a longer time and be pain free. It is such a euphoric feeling. So I would say to anyone who is thinking about having the operation, is worried, in pain and has been offered the surgery…Go for it and get your life back..


So the Journey Begins….

So here I am, a newbie blogger on the block. Please bare with me as I find my feet. Another new journey to embark on….

And yes there are quite a few journey’s going on for me at the moment. I wanted to give this a go with the idea that sharing and logging what is going on with me will not only keep me on track but hopefully help or encourage others that might be able to relate.

Well what is going on? Right.. I am a 42 year old woman, who in 2014 was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my hips. I went to the doctors initially as I had pain in my back, expecting after tests for it to comeback and say, ‘you have a trapped nerve’ but that was not the case. No cartilage in my hip joint sockets. To say I was shocked was an understatement and even more I was offered a hip replacement there and then. I refused on the basis that I was managing the pain at that time and that I was far too young.

It was as if from that moment on, the pain increased tenfold. Walking for any length became difficult, walking my dogs in the field or even round the shops I had to keep stopping. Riding my motorbike became so painful, trying to put a leg over and sit for any amount of time became unbearable..I started to gain a serious limp and so much groin pain.

So fast forward 2 years to 12th Nov ’16 and Im having surgery and whipping out the old and ‘whacking’ (literally) in the new hip.

So this is where my journey begins… Post surgery.

Looking after my body, so my body looks after me…